Hi everyone! Welcome back to me blog!

So – back in June last year I did try and start a beauty section as for the last few months I have been subscribed to Birchbox and Glossybox, which for those who don’t know are monthly subscripton boxes where you receive around 5 products each month. Originally the idea was that I test both and cancel the one I didn’t like. Me being me, I fell in love with both of them and now it’s all spiralled out of control and I have become somewhat of a beauty junkie spending more money on makeup than I do food (yet still being squidgy around the edges – not sure how that has worked out…) and becoming addicted to the likes of Lisa Eldridge and Lily Pebbles.

I now have a million boxes and potions and lotions and samples and swatches cluttering most of the upstairs. Now I have got back into blogging again I really want to get some of my favourites and feedback on them up here as some of them have been so amazing and deserve more recognition then being in a dark space in a box (albeit a pretty one) in the back of my top draw.

As it would take me forever and be far too long a read to cover everything in one post I thought I would just pop up pieces as I go, whatever I’m using that day or just whatever takes my fancy really.

I’m wearing a really lovely perfume today so I think my next post will be based around some of the ones that I have and some of my favourites.

Thanks for reading!

Kate X

Lisa Eldridge
Lily Pebbles