New Book Review: Nobody’s Son by Cathy Glass

I often like to write about books a few weeks after I’ve read them to see how they resonate with me. I think the heart of a wonderful book is having a story that stays with you; even when I was little I would picture characters and think about their journeys and what they might be doing now.

As an adult, not a lot has changed. My favourite books always linger in the back of my mind, and Cathy Glass’s newest instalment Nobody’s Son is no exception. The only difference being that this is all the more special as Cathy’s books are based on real life situations around children that she has fostered.

Cathy has fostered more than 150 children over twenty five years and has established herself as a an exceptional foster carer, mother and author. With over 25 books written, Cathy keeps each book fresh and interesting by covering a different topic each time: i.e. one book tells the story of a pregnant teenager;  another the story of a child in care due to his father being ill; there’s Cathy’s experience with a little girl who was victim to extreme sexual abuse, and another child was smuggled into the country illegally.

To be honest, I would read every single one of Cathy’s books, even if they were all covering children with similar issues each time, but for those looking for an insight into the world of fostering then Cathy has it covered.

Nobody’s Son is a very touching story of a little boy, 7 year old Alex, who is just looking for a family of his own; a family to love and be loved by. This latest instalment is a little different in that the focus of the book is very much on the child’s present and future rather than his past and looks into the process of adoption: the highs and lows and the lasting effects it can have on a child’s life.

What I also love about this, is that we get an insight into Alex’s life once he is no longer with Cathy. Usually Cathy’s books focus on the experiences of a child whilst they are living with her, then we might get a little snippet at the end of what the child is up to now. This book covers a span of a several years which only engages us more and makes the story even more heart warming.

What should have been a simple story of happily ever after quickly becomes a complicated twist of heartbreak, hope, betrayal and love with an innocent 7 year old little boy caught in the middle of everything. Despite the difficulties, it’s always heartwarming seeing how much Cathy’s family come together in times of need, and reading how much support Cathy receives from her friends, family and in particular her children (literally the kind kids parents dream of!)

If you’re interested in fostering experiences, true life stories, or just something inspirational, I would highly recommend Cathy Glass’s books. Despite their darker context, they are a light and easy read that would appeal to a a wide audience. I was a young teen myself when I first began reading them and now I’m in my later twenties, I enjoy them as much as my mum who is heading towards 60 (FYI – our little secret).

I would like to thank HarperCollins, particularly Jasmine Gordon, for sending me another Cathy Glass book – I completely devoured this in one sitting and rolled into work with sore eyes from staying up late to read this and shedding a lot of tears (note page 275!) I eagerly anticipate the next book!

If you would like more information on Cathy’s books, go to her website which also has updates on the children she has fostered from her books.

HarperCollins Publishers can be found here.

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  1. Cathy Glass i think your books are great i love reading them more than any other books that i’ve got. When im reading them its like im there with you , they are so intresting and true to life which they are . Dont stop writting your books i would be lost if you did . All my love from a person who enjoys reading . Xxxx

  2. How long has cruel to be kind been out i havent read that one im waiting for the other one for Nobody’s Son which comes out next month sometime , dont no what date?

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