Hi everyone!

First of all I can’t believe it’s already the end of January! Where has the month gone?! Personally I always find January a busy month with the post-hustle-and-bustle of December and Christmas in terms of work and life in general. I really wanted to do a post a good week or so ago but I have just started a new job and been super busy. When I say started a new job I mean that my bf is involved in a start up business at the moment and I have been helping out here and then but now I have joined in an official capacity so have had the pleasure of working the 12 hour days with Aaron and one other in the office! Sounds long (which it is) but I have been loving what I am doing and learning a lot, so unfortunately blogging has been a little pushed back this week due to the fact when I get in from work, I pretty much eat, watch an hour of TV then go to bed!

So despite my blogging break, I have had a few ideas of posts that I wanted to write, and I thought as it is now the end of the month, my January Favourites would be a nice one to do next. So I have included a bit of a mix between lifestyle and food and beauty.

So here to kick everything off – I have a skin care product which is my No7 cleansing lotion.

No7 cleansing lotion for dry skin January favourites







I say it’s a January favourite but it’s been a favourite for a while now. I received this in a No7 Christmas set a few years ago and I repurchased this the moment it ran out. I suffer quite badly with dry skin (especially during the cold winter months) and and this is really gentle and has a lovely cooling and calming texture and effectively removes makeup. I use this to both remove makeup and as a morning cleanser too. I use it all over my skin at the end of the day to remove the layer of makeup and then I’ll go in again to remove any lingering impurities with a cotton pad. In the morning I just use this all over my face the one time. I have tried a few cleansers that you use with water but I always find myself coming back to this as it is so friendly to dry skin.

Next up is a beauty product and it’s the L’oreal Volume Million Feline Lashes in Black.

L'oreal volume million feline lashes black mascara January favouritesL'oreal volume million feline lashes black mascara January favourites

















I received this for Christmas from a friend and when I first tried it I wasn’t too sure about it. But I don’t think when I initially used I took full advantage of using the curled wand. I tried it again a few weeks ago and if you used curved part right at the roots of your lashes and gentle apply the mascara then it really works it in and looks lovely. I personally wouldn’t say it’s an intense curl, but then I’m not one for applying layers and layers but it does give an even amount of volume and length and curl and I think it’s quite buildable too; I have found myself reaching for this most days now and I really like it as an everyday mascara.

So my next January fave are one of the best wardrobe staples for winter! Of course it has to be slipper socks!

cozy, snuggly winter, slipper socks, January favouritescozy, snuggly winter, slipper socks, January favourites

















These are just the perfect thing to bust out when it’s cold. Basically socks but with grips on the bottom so they morph into slippers. And the knitwear and little baubles make them all look all cute and snuggly. Perfect for cold nights snuggled up on the sofa with a cup of tea. Unfortunately they were a gift so I’m not entirely sure where these came from  but I found some cute Jane Norman ones from House of Fraser.

And speaking of being snuggly on the sofa – what better way to do it than by watching something attention-grabbing on the box? Which leads me to Jan Fave numero cuatro: Making a Murderer

making a murderer Netflix tv series










It’s available on Netflix and I think everyone’s been a-raving about this recently and I completely understand why. This was recommended to me and Aaron by a friend. I didn’t realise before I started to watch it that it was based entirely on a true story; the story revolves around a man, Steven Avery, an American who was exonerated after spending 18 years in prison after being wrongly convicted, only to come out of prison and face new challenges. It’s a documentary-type tv series, filmed over 10 episodes (I think we watched it back to back over two days!) and is thrilling, compelling and unbelievable with a captivating plot line due to its many twists and turns. But for me – what makes it unique is that this was someone’s life. Seriously, if you’re into thrillers, court proceedings, documentaries, criminology, justice….well, I could go on -but if you want to watch something brilliant than this is for you!

Next up has been a much-loved bathroom staple for a while but I thought I would include it as it really is a firm favourite and I wanted an excuse to mention it. It was introduced to me by Glossybox and it’s the Luminous Colour Masque.

Maria Nila, luminous colour masque conditioner for hair January favourites









From my previous posts such as my Perfume blogpost, you may have gathered that I am a sucker for anything that smells beautiful, sometimes to the point I disregard the actual product. But with this Swedish product – I get the beautiful smell of pomegranates, the benefits of a coloured-hair-friendly conditioner and a gorgeous soft and silky texture to finish it all off. Plus the packaging is beautiful – and I don’t usually like the colour pink but the branding is really bold and unique and it looks great on the bathroom shelf. A wonderful product to perk up your winter hair!

So as I mentioned earlier in this post, I have been practically living at the office this week, and when you’re glued to a computer for 10 hours a day, you need some good decent tunage for the background. I do tend to mix it up: sometimes I’m in the mood for something really upbeat; sometimes I like something I can sing to just so I can bob along to something whilst working, but for when I am really concentrating then I don’t like anything too distracting and that can fade nicely into the background  – and I found such a playlist on Spotify which I definitely listen to every day at some point or another. It’s a playlist I found on Spotify called Early Grey Morning and it’s really worth a listen if you fancy something calming and relaxing for the background. To accompany great tunage – you need a decent set of headphones and I got my ah-maze-ing mint green Bose headphones. I’m sure a lot of people are familiar with the brand as they are such a decent quality but they are the most comfortable over-the-head headphones, adjustable, and even though they aren’t the specific sound-cancelling pair, they still do a really really great job of hiding external noises. I use these all the time, and if you are looking to invest in a decent, high-quality pair of headphones then I would 100% recommend this brand. If you’re looking at where to buy other than the Bose website or from a Bose store then I know that Currys do them too.

Bose green headphones January favourites












Gosh – when I first started writing this I was a bit worried I wouldn’t have a lot to discuss but I feel like I have been writing forever now! Apparently I have a lot more love in me than I realised for January products at the moment! But I am getting there… people might think I’m a bit odd popping this into a favourites post but when you’re feeling a bit meh and a bit blah (again – particularly in winter!) then a really great pick-me-up is Berocca. I was a bit skeptical at first because I always think food and drinks that promise to help with energy and mental performance and things, are often a bit overly hyped up and are usually just a waste of money – but I can actually really vouch for this. I don’t know what exactly it does to me… but somehow with the formula of vitamins and nutrients etc it does really give you a little pick me up – a little va va voom, which, I think in turn, makes you feel more mentally stimulated when you do feel a little perkier in yourself – so that might be where the promise comes from. We have a lot of bottles of natural spring water in the office and popping one of these tablets/capsules…whatever you want to call them…into a bottle and letting it dissolve is a really nice way to start your morning and give you a little boost. They come in different flavours but I have only tried the orange ones so I think I need to give these other flavours a go too!

Phew – nearly there! Next is an eyebrow pencil from No7 and I think originally it was the Precision Brow definer in blonde, and it is a pencil with a little tiny brush thing on the lid. I can’t find the exact match online as I think it is quite an old one, but I think it must be very similar to this No7 Beautiful Eyebrow Sculpting Pencil and I actually really want to give this newer looking one a try. I think my pencil must be quite old so it isn’t really that pigmented and creamy in texture, however, I love the colour and I am actually dark blonde naturally so my eyebrows are darky blonde too and I really really passionately hate girls who have light hair and mugh darker eyebrows as I think they look so fake and obviously enhanced with pencil or brow kit or whatever, and – as a personal preference, I like mine to look as close to possible to their natural colour – just a bit thicker so I really like the colour of this pencil and really would like to try the new one at some point. I have only got into brow grooming a bit more recently (other than the usual plucking) so this is a nice natural pencil for me and I have been wearing it most days.

winter Pj pyjama jumper January favourites















Last but not least is my snuggly PJ jumper. It has a really cute soft and wooly white bear so it’s perfect for winter and it’s lovely and warm without being too warm. It’s not too thin and not too thick so it’s perfect as a lighter jumper with the heating on and keeping you warm and snuggly without being stifling. I’ve been wearing this most evenings and cooler mornings and it’s just been one of my favourite things to wear this month. Also it says bear hugs so every time Aaron sees me wearing it – he says it’s just the perfect excuse for him to give me a hug which is an added bonus. *most days hehe unless he leaves the towel on the floor.

My mum got this for me for Christmas in my stocking (yes I still have a stocking – you’re never too old) so I don’t know where exactly it’s from, but it does have f-f.com in it which I think is a Tesco brand. I’ve had a look on the site but I can’t see it on there so I wonder if it might have been a Christmassy thing. It did come as part of a set with some red PJ bottoms which I also love.

Anyways that is the last of my products for now! I do have more that I could talk about but I didn’t want to really do more than 10 per post as I didn’t want it to get boring or be too long – which it probably already is but I can’t stop myself when it’s fun to write! I’m testing out some foundations at the moment for my dry skin which I nearly included, but I haven’t been using them long so I might pop them in next month’s post if they continue to be awesome.

Thank you for reading, and do keep reading and if anyone has any feedback or comments then that’s always welcome 🙂

Hope everyone has had a great start to the year so far and I can’t wait to write something again soon!

Kate X